Release notes and new features for Automation

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced for Automation. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

January 2021 | Order row endpoints now trigger event-driven Automation

Order-row level updates that are made using the API now raise an event that triggers Automation to check the sales order. The endpoints include:

  • Order Row POST
  • Order Row PATCH
  • Order Row DELETE

This means that if you're using the API to create, amend or delete order rows, then these updates will result in any eligible rules acting immediately against the relevant sales order.

October 2020 | Event-driven Automation (beta)

This feature is still being beta-tested but we want to give you plenty of notice of the upcoming change! We are introducing a new event-driven logic to the rules engine such that sales orders will be checked by Automation when triggered by events that occur in Brightpearl.

The observed events currently include order and order row level events such as sales order created and inventory-related events such as goods-in received & quarantine release. Read more about event-driven Automation now to prepare for the upcoming release.

February 2020 | Advanced fulfilment

We've added a new action that can be used to create goods-out notes, purchase orders and/or dropship purchase orders against specific order rows. This is the equivalent to using 'Partial/Advanced fulfil' within the sales order screen. Read more here.

Sept 2019 | Date conditions

You can now use an order's created date, delivery date, invoiced date, payment due date, placed on date, tax date or updated date to determine when actions should apply.

Sept 2019 | Specific delivery date

Use the 'update delivery date' action to set a specific delivery date against an order. Previously, you were able to set a date relative to either the current date or the existing delivery date. Now, you can set a specific date - handy if you need to deliver in time for a specific holiday!

Sept 2019 | Require all order rows to meet row conditions

A few conditions work at the order row level. These are 'contains SKU', 'product category' and 'nominal code'. Previously, when set to true, these conditions required ANY row on the order to meet these conditions. We've added a checkbox which when selected requires ALL rows on the order to meet the condition. Conversely, when set to false it requires that NONE of the order rows match the condition

June 2019

We have a ton of features to tell you about this month, and I'm excited to hear about how you are going to use them! Please let us know what you think!

  • Add a free SKU to your Sales Orders! Lots have people have been requesting this one, so I'm sure it'll be popular. You can now choose a product to add to your Sales Orders automatically. You'll need to do this before the order is fulfulled, and the item will always be at 0 cost.
  • Use the Total Weight of a Sales Order (calculated as the sum of the Product weight values) in determining which actions to apply. A common use would be to update the shipping method for heavier or lighter items before fulfilling the order through your warehouse
  • You can now check that the Delivery address matches (or does not match!) the Invoice address, useful for additional fraud checks.
  • Lots of other smaller enhancements (for example, you can now choose 'None' for many of the conditions, i.e. that the field is empty, whereas previously you had to select specific values)
  • Some bug fixes

We're working on some really exciting new features, so there's more to come!

April 2019

We spent much of last year focusing on performance improvements, but since the start of the year we've worked on several small features that have been requested by our customers, so please keep the ideas coming!

  • We've added 'Payment method' as a condition, great for identifying orders that need follow up, like paying using finance or for identifiying those orders more at risk of fraud
  • Now you can use the Number of items on an order or the Number of different SKUs on an order as a condition, useful for choosing a better shipping method than the default and many other things besides!

February 2019

Happy 2019! Here are some small features we've rolled out to make your automation rules that bit more powerful. This month it's all about undoing things...

  • You can now use automation to unallocate orders. Having stock allocated to an order prevents things like updating the warehouse, so this means you can now resolve that by unallocating items first
  • You can now remove a tag from a contact automatically based on the order information, usfeul for further automating your marketing activities!

This is just the beginning of new features for the year, there's lots more to follow!

August 2018

Up until now you could choose the conditions that need must be met before we apply the actions you’ve set, but now you can specify conditions that must NOT be met for us to apply actions. For example, before if you wanted to create a rule for all international shipments, you’d use the ‘Delivery country’ condition and select all the countries except your own. Now you can simply say, for example, ‘Delivery country’ is not United States. This will simplify creating rules as well as enabling lots of scenarios that we’re possible before.


2 January 2017 (v1.7.5)

  • We no longer monitor fully paid, fully shipped and invoiced orders for changes
  • Performance updates

17 December 2017 (v1.7.0)

  • Transfer stock between warehouses automatically, from a sales order
  • Set a custom field value
  • Improvements to drop-ship order creation
  • Lots of small improvements and fixes

20 October 2017 (v1.6.12)

  • Improvements to drop-ship order creation (beta)
  • Improvements to scheduling

17 August 2017 (v1.6.4)

  • Zip/postcode conditions - choose your shipping method or warehouse based on delivery or invoice location
  • Lots of under the hood capacity and performance improvements

26 July 2017 (v1.6.2)

  • Automation has a new look, with a new dashboard showing:
    • Number of rules, orders processed and errors (allowing you to drill down for more info)
    • A chart showing number of orders processed recently
    • A short log of latest activity
  • Read-only mode for rules, meaning you can view your rules without needing to go into Edit mode
  • Confirmation before deletion of a rule, to make it harder to unintentionally delete rules

28 June 2017 (v1.5.19)

  • Automate drop-ship order creation (beta)
  • Set a status when a rule fails
  • Update to terms and conditions
  • General fixes and UI improvements

3 May 2017 (v1.5.11)

  • Creation of Action Packs functionality
  • Performance improvements
  • Supporting allocation of bundled stock
  • Fulfilment & Allocation status selection now handles multiple values
  • General fixes and UI improvements

10 April 2017 (v1.5.4)

  • Rule scheduling
  • Rule prioritisation
  • General fixes and UI improvements

6 March 2017 (v1.4.35)

  • Adding the ability to email invoices
  • Improving error handling of system errors
  • Adding Update nominal code action & condition
  • General fixes and UI improvements

1 March 2017 (v1.4.36)

  • Fixing allocation not completing issue
  • Fixing warehouse fulfilment issue
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