New Features - August 2017

Another month, and another great new batch of features to save you time and grow your business.


Brightpearl Payments: new gateway - Braintree

If you use our Brightpearl Payments app, you'll know that it already allows you receive payments from gateways including Stripe, Sage Pay, Worldpay, and PayPal Here. Now Brightpearl Payments is even better with the addition to it's sixth gateway - Braintree - allowing you to process:

  • Payments against sales orders - 'authorize only' or 'authorize then capture later'
  • Capture authorizations - manually or automatically on shipping
  • Refund payments processed via the app
  • Create on account payments against customers


Brightpearl Automation - new dashboard

Brightpearl Automation now has a new dashboard which shows:

  • Number of rules, orders processed and errors (each allowing the user to drill down for more info)
  • A chart of orders processed in the last 7 days
  • Latest activity


Brightpearl Automation - other updates

  • Read-only mode for rules, meaning you can view your rules without needing to go into Edit mode.
  • Confirmation before deletion of a rule, to make it harder to unintentionally delete rules.


Brightpearl Point of Sale - customer-facing 'register closed' message

The POS app will now prompt the user to open the register, if it isn’t already and they are trying to make a sale.


Brightpearl Point of Sale - other updates

The updates below focus on the continued efforts to improve system scalability, resilience, and performance:

  • Sync version 2 (app and back-end performance, and scalability improvements)
  • Background fetch-syncing (more frequent syncing, syncing does not require the app to be running in the foreground)
  • Memory footprint improvements
  • Continued app stability improvements
  • New printer SDK

True margin analysis

When looking at sales analysis reports, the margins on unshipped orders are now based on estimated costs, rather than the actual cost of goods sold which is calculated on shipment.

By adding a shipping status filter to the sales reports, you can now analyse your true margins by filtering for shipped items only. This will help you to make better purchasing and selling decisions as you can now see what your margins are.


Sales tax detail export

We’re excited to launch the first in a new generation of exports starting with sales tax detail - which will be of particular interest for our US customers.

Now, rather than large datasets needing to be exported separately, the exports download in the background. When completed, your export will be delivered to ‘My tasks’ so you don't have to hang around and and wait.


Amazon bulk stock sync

In addition to real time stock syncing, we will now sync all your stock with Amazon every day, even if the stock levels haven’t changed in Brightpearl.

This means you can keep any virtual or drop ship warehouse stock topped up so Amazon can keep selling it. It’s also a nice backup just in case any of the real time updates were missed. Plus you can run this on demand up to 4 times a day.


Suppress year end warning

When dealing with transactions that are outside of your year end, or when you have moved into a new year while your old year is still open, you get an alert advising you that that this is outside your accounting period.

We have now added a new settings under Settings > Accounting: Options > Year end warning. This will allow you to turn off the warning box as and when needed. Please remember you may wish to turn this back on for your new year.


Improvements to landed costs

We've made some improvements to our landed costs module to:

In one specific scenario, if you have a order with multiple lines with the same SKU with different landed costs to them, and then receive them on the same goods-in batch, we are not able to separate the landed costs values. The landed costs values will now be averaged. You can see when this has been done as an asterisk will be shown next to the landed costs value on the inventory details report.


In another scenario, where you have the same SKU on multiple rows in the same purchase order (with different landed cost prices for each row that are received on the same batch), we are not able to record the individual landed costs values. In this case we will average out the landed cost value across these items. You can see when this has been done as an asterisk will be shown next to the landed costs value on the inventory details report.


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