New Features - July 2017

This feature launch is centered around improvements to our most exciting products we launched earlier in the the year:

  • Our tablet-based Point of Sale app Brightpearl POS featuring seamless syncing between your shop floor to your back office platform and full offline capability
  • Brightpearl Automation which allows you full flexibility over how your orders are handled on the platform, automating sales as they come in saving you time and money


Brightpearl Automation

Our Automation app was warmly received by our customers since its launch in April and we’ve had some rave reviews. We’re not ones to rest on our laurels so we've been working hard, adding new functionality ever since:

Scheduling rules

We've added the ability to schedule automation rules for specific times of day, week or month. We know some processes shouldn’t run 24/7, and now your automation rules don’t need to either! Not only that but you can now prioritize your rules so you have even more control over your orders, knowing which of your rules will take precedence.


Changing order status

We've added the ability to change the status of an order if an automation rule can't complete its actions for whatever reason, allowing you to truly manage by exception. They’re your orders, so why shouldn’t you have full control over them? Now you can. With Brightpearl.


Brightpearl point of sale

We’re really proud of our Brightpearl point of sale iPad app, and like Automation we’re continually looking to improve it. Our latest update has lots to get excited about:


Now you can refresh the app without having to uninstall and reinstall it on your iPad. Plus - using this feature prompts the app to re-download products, prices and user data.


Scan product IDs

The ability to scan products using their Brightpearl product ID has been added. Scanning a product ID with an exact match will be added to the basket - whether they’re a variant, bundle or non stock tracked item.

Search for customers using account codes

When searching for customers it is now possible to enter the Brightpearl account number into the search field and Brightpearl POS will return customers with a matching account ID.


We love these new features, but what do you think? Let us know in the release discussion community forum.

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