New Features - May 2017

We've got lots to bring you this month with a Magento announcement, improvements to our Brightpearl POS, a taster of our new Shopify connector, and a couple of exciting beta features too!


We are Magento 2 ready!

We're very excited to announce that all the features of our Magento 1 integration are now available for Magento 2.  The extensions work out the box with performance management built in as standard. Plus status and price updates, improved shipping, inventory and order management.


Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

New Brightpearl POS features

Users of our new POS app will be happy to hear that we've now released improvements meaning that:

  • Tax rules can now be created in the back office
  • Users can see their complete sales history in-app
  • Receipts are now printed automatically whenever a cash in/out action is performed

Tax rules

Under the ‘Brightpearl POS’ section of ‘Settings’ there is now a ‘Tax Rules’ area. This area will show any new or existing tax rules. Simply select ‘Create tax rule’ to start building a new rule.


Full guidance on how to use the new tax rules can be found here.

Sales history

You can now see your complete sales history for the device you're using. Simply swipe left. then right to bring up the ‘management menu’, then select ‘Sales History’ at the top.


Full guidance on the sales history feature can be found here.

Cash in/cash out receipts

Whenever cash in/out action done, a receipt is now printed automatically, in addition to appearing on the payments report.

Our forthcoming new Shopify connector

We've been hard at work developing our new Shopify connector. It's nearing completion so we thought we'd share with you some of the features that we're most excited and proud about:

  • Support for bundled products

    You can now manage bundles within Brightpearl and have them linked to Shopify bundles and track their specific stock.

  • High volume order processing

    Our new connector is built on new architecture to enable higher volumes of orders. This is especially useful for flash sales and events. The connector can handle thousands of orders in a short space of time.

  • Real time inventory updates

    Any changes in the Brightpearl stock numbers are instantly reflected across your integration, enabling accurate inventory management across the platforms.

  • Improved order and product synchronization

    We have added the ability to push single orders from within the Shopify store and to trigger a product sync between the platforms. This is particularly useful for when you add new products to your Shopify account and have them loaded into Brightpearl.

You can stay up to date with news on our new Shopify connector in our community forum.

Beta feature - Amazon reconciliation improvements

At present we only import items from the Amazon XML file for orders that are already in the system. This new import will allow you to bring in all items from the XML file, this includes fees and items not related to orders.:

  • FBA credits will be created and stock right back in automatically
  • Non FBA credits will be linked to the original orders
  • All journals created now have both the settlement Id and Report ID to more easily identify the corresponding report in Amazon
  • Fee journals will have the type with in the details to allow for easy identification through journal detail search



Beta feature - sales tax detail export

With this, beta customers in the US can now export their entire sales tax detail in the background and download it later from ‘My tasks’ as a CSV. This report will give you all the information required to calculate actual US sales tax owed, based on the zip code of the purchaser.



The supplier financial history export now shows the total value at the bottom of the report of both invoices and credits on a currency basis.

If you would like to find out more or test out these beta features, please contact our product team at

Let us know what you think about these new features in the release discussion community forum.

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