Polling in Automation

When creating an Automation rule, you can decide when you want rules to apply and consequently when changes are made by Automation.

By default, the "Sales order" trigger is used. However the polling mechanism acts as a fallback for any missed events and for any rules that use date conditions.

The polling mechanism


When using the polling mechanism, orders are checked to see if they are eligible soon after they arrive in Brightpearl. If they meet the conditions of a rule, the rule will act on them. If they do not meet the conditions for a rule, Automation will periodically check for any changes:

  • Every 30 minutes for the first 24 hours
  • Every 12 hours for a month
  • Daily for five more months

After six months, Automation stops watching the order. Automation also stops watching "complete" orders - those that are invoiced, fully paid and fully shipped.

New orders are checked more often than older orders so it's likely that newer orders will be allocated or fulfilled before older ones.

If you want to process oldest to newest, you should use one of the daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Read about these schedules here

Enabling the polling mechanism

A scheduling section is found at the bottom of the rule creation page. Choose "Reactive" to be able to use the polling mechanism.


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