Shopify price updates

The prices interaction uses Brightpearl price lists to update Shopify main product prices. 

Before using the update prices interaction, ensure that Shopify tax configuration is compatible.

Enable the price updates within the Brightpearl Shopify app and select the Brightpearl price list to use.

Important: Only use Brightpearl sell prices to map to Shopify product price list. You will see that the drop-down has cost price lists, just make sure you map correct price lists. 


Price update triggers

Brightpearl updates Shopify prices overnight. It is not possible to trigger a sync more frequently than that.

Shopify tax configuration

Before importing prices from Brightpearl, it is important that Shopify is configured in a compatible way.

Shopify admin prices must be set as tax exclusive so that Brightpearl can send the tax exclusive value and Shopify will add on the tax for the shopper.

The setting in Shopify is a checkbox found under Settings > Taxes called "Show all prices with tax included". This should be unchecked.

Please note that unchecking this setting will result in prices displaying exclusive of tax on your Shopify store's front end.

Why Shopify tax configuration is important

Brightpearl always sends prices to Shopify exclusive of tax, regardless of whether the price list in Brightpearl is set as inclusive of tax.

This means that the prices seen on the products in the Shopify admin will always be the price before tax, and therefore the Shopify configuration must also be set to acknowledge this.

If Shopify is configured to read the price as inclusive of tax then Shopify will always calculate tax out of the given value, instead of adding it on, causing online pricing to be incorrect.

Syncing tax inclusive prices

If you need Shopify admin prices to be set as tax inclusive, you have two options:

  • Manage pricing directly within Shopify
  • Maintain a "dummy" price list in Brightpearl, where you import tax inclusive prices into Brightpearl to then sync to Shopify
    • Note that if you use this option, your pricing in Brightpearl will appear incorrect - the system stores all prices as though they're excluding tax, and adds tax on top (regardless of the price list setting).

Either option requires managing a separate price list for Shopify.

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