Order settings

The Orders tab requires the most configuration...


  • Enable Order Downloads: Enable Shopify orders to be downloaded into Brightpearl
  • Shopify Channel: Select the Brightpearl channel that you want your Shopify orders to download into
  • Shopify POS Channel: As above but for Shopify POS orders specifically
  • New Order Status: Select the Brightpearl status that you want your Shopify orders to be downloaded as.
  • Fraudulent Order Status: Select the status that you want any orders flagged as ‘fraudulent’ to be downloaded to Brightpearl as
  • Cancelled Order Status: Map the Brightpearl status to cancelled orders.
  • Default Price List Id: Mapped to Brightpearl price lists. All available lists are available, select the price list that you want to use for orders through the Shopify store. (This does not change the prices themselves, only the price list that is assigned to the order in Brightpearl)
  • Default Shipping Method Id: Select the shipping method to be associated to orders being downloaded against the store.
  • Contact Email for Anonymous Orders: For orders that don’t have any contact information (such as a POS order) the app can use a default email address for the store (note, the email entered here should correspond to a contact in Brightpearl)
  • Allocation Warehouse: Select the Brightpearl warehouse that you want to use for the allocation of stock against Shopify orders.
  • Enable Auto Fulfil POS Orders: Select to enable Brightpearl to automatically fulfil POS orders
  • Warehouse for Shopify POS orders to be fulfilled from in Brightpearl: Same as the Allocation Warehouse above but used for POS orders.

Note: ensure all statuses are complete.

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