Transitioning to our new Magento extension

To ensure your transition to the new Magento connector is as simple and seamless as possible we strongly recommend you work with our Professional Services team. Please contact your account manager or the Support team to arrange this. Alternatively, follow the guide below to install and configure the Magento extension yourself.

Installation & configuration

To connect Brightpearl and Magento you will need to install and configure an extension on your Magento account. This extension controls all interactions between Brightpearl and Magento. There is a full installation guide here.

We advise initially installing in a test Magento environment to check the install and configuration without affecting your live Magento site. A demo Brightpearl account can also be used for testing. To arrange this, please contact your Customer Success Manager via Please note: a demo account is usually chargeable.

Once installed, you’re ready to configure the extension. There is a full configuration guide available here. Understanding the interactions and how they function is integral to a successful transition so please make sure you familiarise yourself with all the documentation that is available.


It is strongly recommended that you fully test the following interactions before installing on your live site:

  • Real-time inventory
  • Bulk inventory
  • Order export
  • Order status export
  • Payment export
  • Shipping update
  • Price update

The Brightpearl Magento extension must also be tested against any 3rd party extensions.

Once testing is complete, and any issues have been addressed, you can then install and configure on your live Magento site.


It is possible to enable both the previous and new connections on the same account simultaneously. However, this will likely lead to duplicate orders and other potential syncing issues.
Therefore, while order sync is still active on the old integration please ensure that the new extension has order exporting disabled:

  • Go to Interactions > Brightpearl > Configuration > interaction: Export Orders
  • Set the interaction enabled to ‘No’
  • Save the configuration


During testing, you can enable the Export orders interaction on the new extension and you can disable order sync on the old integration.

To toggle the order sync on the old integration:

  • Go to Channels > Magento Dashboard > Edit store > What do you want to sync between Brightpearl and Magento?
  • Check or Uncheck the ‘Orders’ checkbox to enable or disable orders from being downloaded respectively
  • Click ‘Save store’

Note: Please toggle the old order sync back on sparingly. The reason being that the old connector will automatically try and download any orders that it missed whilst it was turned off, even if they've been downloaded by the new extension during your testing. If you do happen to download duplicate orders they will need to be removed by yourself along with the associated accounting. Please be especially careful if you also use any apps that help to automate your shipping as you may end up sending goods out twice if the duplicate orders are fulfilled.

Similar steps to the above can be used to test the inventory sync...

  • Turn off inventory sync on the old integration from Channels > Magento Dashboard > Edit store
  • Then enable the Import Inventory levels (real time) interaction in the new extension

and also the price sync.

We would recommend testing each one independently so that you get an idea of the steps that will be required when you're ready to go live.

Go Live

Once you've tested thoroughly and are satisfied that you're ready to switch across it should be reasonably straight forward.

You will need to disable the sync options on the old integration and then enable all of the relevant interactions in the new extension on your Magento store

The old integration:

  • Go to Channels > Magento Dashboard > Edit store 
  • Turn off all the checkboxes in What do you want to sync between Brightpearl and Magento?
  • Click ‘Save store’

The new extension:

  • Interactions > Brightpearl > Configuration and enable each interaction you wish to use ensuring that you have altered any parameters as you see fit before saving.

The key to a successful transition is about making sure that you have read, understand and are confident about how the new extension works, how it interacts with Brightpearl and the huge level of control you'll now have to manage all communications between your Magento store and Brightpearl.

As such we recommend that you work with our Professional Services team as they have experience of implementing and tailoring the extension for many of our customers and can provide you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please contact your Customer Success Manager via if you'd like to discuss in more detail.







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