Reconcile orders

This interaction is used to make sure that any order placed on Magento has been attempted to be exported into Brightpearl. If this interaction is turned on and you have your cron setup correctly then Magento will attempt to send orders to Brightpearl that may have been missed.

So if, for whatever reason, communication is lost between your server or Brightpearl then this interaction can be run to make sure anything missed is retried.

Any orders that have already been successfully sent to Brightpearl will not be included.

The Batch size refers to the number of Orders to send to Brightpearl at once.

The Sleep time is how long to pause between each batch

The Delay means that you can choose to ignore recent orders if you wish 


As with many of the interactions, you can choose to have this interaction run using your cron schedules overnight but you can also run it manually whenever you wish (maybe after performing maintenance / security updates on your server for example). This interaction, in conjunction with the Export orders interaction, should ensure that orders are exported to Brightpearl in a timely manner

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