Magento reconcile orders interaction

The reconcile orders interaction re-attempts to export of any orders which previously failed to export. This helps to make sure that no orders are missed.

Reconcile orders triggers

The Magento order reconciliation will be run on the following triggers:

Time Description Execution method
Cronjob Checks all orders queued to export since the activation date without a success export status Scheduled
Manual Checks all orders queued to export within the specified time frame without a successful export status Manual

What this interaction won't do

If an order exists in Magento but was created in a way which by-passed the extension order export queue, and is therefore unknown to the extension, it will not be added to the export queue by this interaction and will not download. This interaction will only review known orders which were created via the Magento admin or website. Orders which will not be recognized are those created via the Magento API.

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