Magento export order payments interaction

The export order payment interaction sends details of payments received in Magento to Brightpearl.

Only mapped payment methods will record customer payments in Brightpearl. Where Brightpearl payment methods are configured with bank accounts, accounting entries will be automatically created.

Payment methods are mapped within the Shared: Order and payment settings of the Magento extension configuration.

Export order payment triggers

An order payment will be exported from Magento and created in Brightpearl at the following times:

Time Description Execution method
On order payment update When a new payment is received against an existing order it will trigger the export  Automatic
On order successfully exported When a new sale is successfully exported it will automatically trigger the payment export to happen next  Automatic
On order payment queued (cronjob) Checks all orders modified in the past X number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years and updates differences Scheduled
Manual Checks the specified order IDs for new payments Manual

Payment details

The payment details are those provided from Magento and not the payment gateway. Brightpearl does not communicate directly with the payment gateways used with Magento.

Payment gateways connected to Brightpearl using the Brightpearl Payments app will not provide details of any payments made into Magento.


Accounting for payments

Brightpearl controls when and how accounting is created.

When a payment is sent to Brightpearl from Magento, it creates a customer order payment which marks the order as paid. Brightpearl will automatically create accounting for these customer order payments as long as the payment method used in Brightpearl has a bank account.

Mapping payment methods

Currently the Magento extension configuration maps a Magento payment method to a Brightpearl bank account nominal code.

However, since Brightpearl has introduced the concept of order payments, it should really be mapped to a Brightpearl payment method. The bank account used for the accounting is then selected from the Brightpearl payment method.

Although the Magento extension has yet to be updated to map Brightpearl payment methods, the order payments functionality was built to be backwards compatible with any existing integrations sending payments by picking up the Brightpearl payment method which as the same code as the bank account nominal code in the mapping.

So although a bank account is selected in the configuration, it actually maps to a payment method with that same code, and the bank account used to create the accounting is the one on the Brightpearl payment method.

Since Brightpearl is the master of all things accounting, the options to activate or deactivate the creation of sales receipts from within the Magento extension configuration are no longer in use.

Auth only or Auth and capture

Payments will download into Brightpearl once they are captured.

If a payment method is set as "auth and capture", then payments are taken straight away and the order will be marked as paid at the same time as it is placed.

If the Magento payment method is set as "auth" only, the payment will only download once it is captured later. Payments must be captured via the payment provider or Magento extensions.

Partial payments

The integration will handle partial, full and late payments. Each payment will download as and when it is completed in Magento.

Foreign currency payments

Without multi-currency

Payments can only be accepted into Brightpearl in the base currency.

Magento should be configured to use the same base currency.

The Brightpearl Magento extension should be configured to use base currency for orders and payments within the Shared: Order and payment settings.

With multi-currency

Brightpearl can accept foreign currency payments as long as the currency has been added in Brightpearl.

The Brightpearl Magento extension should be configured to send orders and payments in the order currency within the Shared: Order and payment settings.

Gift cards / vouchers

Payments made using a gift card or voucher are supported only for Magento Enterprise which contains Magento's standard gift card and voucher functionality.

Extensions can be installed on Magento Community for handling gift cards and vouchers but are not guaranteed to be compatible with the Brightpearl extension.

Payments made with a payment type of gift voucher will not be recorded in Brightpearl in the same way of other payments, since gift cards must be accounted for in a certain way. Currently the payment will be added to the order as a negative order row and assigned the Brightpearl gift card nominal code as defined at Settings > Company > Accounting: Accounts (nominal codes).

See also sale of gift cards and vouchers

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