Export order Payments

This interaction is used to send details of any order payments processed through Magento over to Brightpearl. When a payment is sent to Brightpearl it will mark a payment against the order and it will create the necessary accounting.
Brightpearl receives all payment information directly from Magento and will not communicate with the payment gateways connected to Magento.

It is recommended to have this interaction enabled and to make sure that it runs when an order is created so that your payments in Magento are in sync with Brightpearl. You can also run it on individual orders manually if required

Auth only or Auth & capture

Payments will download into Brightpearl once they are captured. If a payment method is set as auth & capture then payments are taken straight away and will mark the order as paid at the same time as it is placed. If your payment method is set as auth only the payment will only download once it is captured later. Payments must be captured via your payment provider or Magento extensions.

Partial payments

The integration will handle partial, full and late payments. Each payment will download as and when it is completed in Magento.

Foreign currency payments

Brightpearl currently only handles base currency payments. All payments will be converted to your Brightpearl base currency (should be the same as your Magento base currency).

Payment methods

Payment methods in Magento are mapped to Brightpearl bank accounts. This allows the app to mark orders as paid in Brightpearl and create the accounting in the correct nominal code.

NOTE: Make sure that the payment method is also mapped to the nominal code. This will allow the sales receipt journals.

Gift cards / vouchers

If a customer is purchasing a gift card or voucher, we have support for Magento Enterprise

Tax configuration

Gift cards should be set up in Magento as not rated products, as the tax is charged when the gift card is used not when it is purchased.

Accounting for gift cards

In Brightpearl there is a nominal code reserved for Gift cards that can be changed should you wish to use a different liability code. Using this nominal will keep tabs of your total gift card liability as you sell gift cards and then your customers use the gift cards for purchasing.

Payments with gift cards

If a customer pays using a gift card or voucher on Magento, the order will reduced in price by the amount paid for by the gift card. The nominal code used to record these payments should be mapped in the Export Order Payments configuration.

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