Installing the Core Application

The app is modular and composed of the following elements: Orders and payments, Inventory, and Fulfillment. This allows customers the ability to customise how the app works for them. Also, because of the modular nature Brightpearl can leverage more API calls to make more frequent updates and/or transactions.

Orders and Payments are the first app that needs to be installed, the remaining apps are optional and installed secondary (dependent on customer workflows). You will need to setup a channel in Brightpearl of type ‘Shopify’ in order to map once the Brightpearl extension has been installed on the Shopify store.

NOTE: Remember to uninstall the old app from the Shopify UI.

Core App (Order and Payments)

Go to  and enter your shopify store and select ‘Install’

Install App prompt, select ‘Install unlisted app’...

(note the warning is presented because the app is not yet listed in the Shopify app store)listed-app-store.PNG

Enter Brightpearl Account ID...enter-acc-id.PNG

Agree to the Terms and Conditions...


Select ‘Continue’ to authorise the app...


Enter your Brightpearl login (email address - create one if you don’t already have one in the account), password and choose a name for the integration...


App has been installed!


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