New Features - March 2017

Our latest update to Brightpearl focuses on accelerating your day-to-day workflows giving you more relevant information, and with fewer clicks.


Save default column preferences

Since Brightpearl 4.90, you have been able to create your own column layouts. Now you can assign one of your layouts to load automatically. Just click on “Set as default” against one of your configured columns and these columns will display whenever you load the page.

You can save default column preferences on the following reports:

  • Sales analysis reports
  • Contact list
  • Supplier list
  • Sales list
  • Purchase list
  • Sales detail
  • Purchase detail


See how many bundles you have available to sell

You are now able to see how many bundles are available to sell from within Brightpearl. Your product list will show the total available bundles over all your warehouses. Clicking the on hand level will display the breakdown of bundles available per warehouse.



Speedier fulfilments and receive inventory - new batch actions (advanced fulfil and receive inventory)

Advanced fulfil

In sales orders you will now see a new batch action called 'Advanced Fulfil'. You can now use the order row checkboxes to fulfil the specific items lines from your sales order. This ensures the next screen only has the items you want and there is no need to manually remove quantities from rows you do not want to fulfil.



Receive inventory

We’ve also added the same for purchase orders by adding a receive inventory batch action. Just like sales orders, when picking specific items lines from your purchase orders, you can now use the order row checkboxes to selectively receive. Then these will be the only product lines seen in the goods-in note.


Double your batch purchase options with new buying rules

We have updated the batch purchase orders screen where you can batch create purchase orders from sales orders, rather than 6 fixed options you can now configure your own rules.


For more information on creating your own purchase order combinations, have a look at our support documentation here.

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