Back-to-back orders (just-in-time ordering)

Back-to-back ordering allows inventory levels to be kept to a minimum by only placing orders with suppliers when there is a customer waiting for the item. Brightpearl streamlines the whole process - from placing the purchase order with the supplier to allocating the goods directly to the sales when they arrive into stock. The stock status of the sales is updated ensuring they automatically fall into the fulfilment and shipping workflow.

Creating back-to-back purchase orders

Back-to-back purchase orders can be created for a single sales order, or for a batch of sales orders. The first thing to do is clone the sale(s) to a purchase order.

How to clone batches of sales to purchase orders

  1. Go to Sales > Recent sales/quotes.
  2. Search for and select the sales orders.
  3. Using the batch processing options, choose Batch purchase order.


  4. In the pop-up window, make the following selections:

    Order all items on the selected sales: This option will order the same quantity of each item as seen on the sales, even if some have already been allocated from stock, or have been fulfilled or shipped, including drop-ship

    Order items need to fulfil selected sales: This option will only add the quantity remaining to complete the order, any items already allocated, fulfilled or shipped (including drop-ship) will be subtracted

    Exclude items already on hand/in stock: This option will subtract either the current on hand or the in stock quantity to prevent ordering more of items which are already available

    Exclude items on purchase orders not yet received: Check this box to prevent items being ordered for which deliveries are already expected

    Vendor to use: Specify how the supplier should be chosen for the purchase orders that will be created. Products will need suppliers assigned to use the primary or cheapest options

    Update sales to status: If required, select the status the sales orders should be placed on


How to clone a single sale to a purchase order

  1. Within the sales order select the rows and click the Clone to Purchase order button.


  2. Select the supplier and where the items should be delivered to. Use the additional settings to control the sales order status, the purchase order status and whether order notes cross-referencing the cloned orders should be added.


  3. Click Clone now.

Receiving stock for back-to-back orders

When goods are received for back-to-back orders the inventory can be automatically allocated to the sales orders. This is a choice made at the point of receiving the goods into stock on the purchase order.

Received goods will be allocated to the oldest orders first and details of which orders have been updated will be recorded in the notes on both the purchase and sales order.

To ensure inventory is automatically allocated every time, set default at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.




Using the Brightpearl automation app, you can create purchase orders automatically for sales based on a number of conditions.

Read more about automation


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