Overview of setting up your store

Here are the steps you will need to go through to set up your store ready to set up on the iPad.

Note that there are two App Stores

  • Brightpearl App Store: installation of the POS app, set up receipts, return reasons, store etc
  • Apple App Store: download the app on the iPad and connect to your Brightpearl account to install product, users for a particular. store

First you will need to install POS in the Brightpearl App Store in the back office of Brightpearl. When you are logged in to Brightpearl back office, go to the App Store find 'Brightpearl POS' and then hit 'Install'.

You can check that the installation is in progress by checking your alerts. Hover your mouse over your user name at the top of the screen and then select 'My Alerts'. You will see this installation message.


Once the installation is complete, you will be able to set up your store in Brightpearl back office. It is important to let the installation complete otherwise you may end up with incomplete data set up on the iPad app. Once you see this message below then proceed with the set up. The installation process will take approximately 5-10 minutes but will depend on the size of your product data set.


Step 1: Anonymous customer

Create an anonymous customer to associate with orders where the customer’s contact details aren’t recorded. Make a note of the contact ID as you'll need this once you get to set up the store. You may have an existing contact already set up that you can use for this.

Creating and editing Brightpearl customers

Step 2: Channel branding and logo

If required create a channel brand (Settings > Company > Company Information) for each store, ensuring a logo is uploaded.

Setting up Channel Brands in Brightpearl

Step 3: Payment methods

Add or edit any required payment methods such as cash, non-integrated cards, etc. ensuring they are associated with the correct bank nominal code.

If Brightpearl Payments is installed and the customer is using Paypal Here then check the payment method and gateway credentials are in place.

Setting up store payment methods

Step 4: Receipt

Edit or create a receipt 

  • Give the receipt a name
  • Add a header: e.g. address, contact number, email, website
  • Add a footer: e.g. VAT number, returns policy

Customizing your receipt

Step 5: Returns reasons

Add return reasons. Return reasons will need the following details:

  • Name
  • Reason code
  • Inventory action 

Creating return reasons

Step 5: Warehouses

Add any new warehouses that are required for each store. It is recommended that you use a separate warehouse for each store.

Maintaining warehouses

Step 6: Setting up your store

You are now ready to configure the store(s).

Setting up POS store

Step 7: Setting up your store users

You are now ready to assign the users to the store(s).

Setting up store users

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