Logging in & out of POS

Logging into POS

  • When the POS app opens, the users that have been assigned to the store will be presented at the login screen
  • Tap your user login


  • Enter your 6-digit numeric PIN


Sharing a till

  • Multiple users can use the same till
  • If another user needs to use the till before you complete your sale with your customer, then you can place the basket on hold and retrieve it when the other user has completed their sale
  • All users will be able to see the all held baskets so a cashier will be able to retrieve a held basket that was started by another cashier

Sharing multiple tills

  • You can log in to multiple tills at the same time with your staff login

Logging out

  • Tap the ‘Lock’ button at the bottom left of the screen
  • This will return the app to the login screen
  • If you had a basket with products added, then the basket will be placed on hold

Auto logout

  • If there is no activity on screen whilst the basket is empty then the POS app will automatically log out the current user
  • The timeout timer is configurable in the settings menu, which can be adjusted by a manager to either 2 minutes, 5 minutes or never
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